Disaster Recovery

In case of disaster every business should have a well-articulated, detailed business continuity plan in place; not a nebulous idea, but a course of action that will ensure that your business can weather the storm and continue unruffled through aftermath, and back to business as usual. Among other contingencies this plan should include crisis management covering business procedures/processes and work area management.

One of Silvergate Technology's main areas of expertise lies in testing, validating and modifying disaster recovery strategies to ensure that they support your business's recovery objectives, while keeping pace with the ever-changing IT and application environment.

Silvergate Technology's Disaster Recovery Services include:

• Disaster Recovery Planning
• Advice on IT disaster recovery objectives
• Identification of critical applications and associated hardware technology
• Analysis of the scope for your current recovery plan
• Advice on measures needed to integrate your IT disaster recovery effort operationally
• Advice on improving your organization's IT disaster recovery efforts – including how and when you may   need to look beyond information technology
• Disaster Recovery Testing
• Clarification of individual roles and responsibilities at time of recovery, to ensure accountability
• Testing of recovery procedures to ensure rapid response
• Assessment of performance versus recovery objectives
• Verification that adequate recovery resources are in place
• Identifying potential gaps in your plan